Who doesn’t love Totoro?

Totoro-shop is an online shop run by the team that also runs Akazuki.com the Japanese online store. In Japan, Totoro is everywhere; in the shops, on clothes, bags, key chains but also in the nature. Every time, we pass by a hill, we think of Totoro.

At Akazuki, it slowly became obvious that we needed to pay homage to Totoro by dedicating a whole shop to him. He truly deserves it as he characterizes the Japanese soul, kind and dedicated.

We aim to bring Totoro’s world, its creator’s world Miyazaki Hayao and all of Ghibli’s imaginary world.

Akazuki is a Japanese registered company who has been providing Japanese products worldwide. Akazuki has earned trusted of thousands since 2009 and represents ideals of offering a great range of products at a reasonable price and guarantying a fantastic customer service who is here to help.

Here on our online store totoro-shop, you will only find official products from official suppliers.